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So you wanna talk business?

Here's 5 things I've learned I've learned about starting a business.

Hey friends! So, let’s talk business. Maybe you’re thinking about starting one, maybe you already have one, or maybe you just like reading blogs. No matter the reason, I thought It’d be nice to share the 5 things I’ve learned about starting a business. Now keep in mind, I’m no business guru

. Actually, still very much a newbie. Like barely 8 months in type of newbie. But boy have I learned LOADS in 8 months! Here’s the top 5 things I’ve learned this far:

1. Be true to who you are, especially in your business. I know, I know, this sounds like a cheesy wall quote. But it’s so true. Let your personality shine bright in your business. You want to be relatable, approachable, and not-intimidating. The best way to do that is to let yourself shine through. Your customers will love that you aren’t trying to be something you’re not, that you’re real.

2. Form those relationships! Seriously though. The best thing my business has given me is amazing relationships with other business owners. Why? Because they get it! They are living it! I cannot tell you how many times we’ve asked questions, shared info, and even talked about life in general. Your best ally will forever be fellow business owners. They will stick with ya!

3. Figure out finances as early as possible. Let me tell you, money, finances, taxes, all that jazz – not for me. I despise it. For the first couple months, I truly had no idea what was happening. I didn’t take the time at the beginning to learn, I wanted to jump in as quickly as possible, and boy oh boy did that make everything 10x harder. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it 50 more times, figure out the money. Budgets, taxes, self-pay, employee pay, whatever it might be, winging it is a no go. You will feel immense relief knowing that is figured out!

4. Take the critiques as help, not as attacks. At the end of the day, almost anyone who is willing to go out of their way to share some advice, even if it is a critique, is doing it to help you. It is hard to hear at first, but once you can remember it isn’t a personal attack, you can use it to better you! 95% of the time, people are saying it because they want you to succeed.

5. Trust your gut. At the end of the day, it’s your business. You need to be willing and able to stand behind every decision you make. The only one accountable for it is you, the business owner. Follow your personal morals and beliefs, stick true to yourself, and trust your gut. Do that, and you will never have a business you aren’t proud of.

And there ya have it! 5 thing I’ve learned about starting a business. As cliché as some may sound, I think most business owners would agree with them! Keep in mind that owning a business is a constant learning experience. You will always be learning and growing. Just remember that at the end of the day, your business should be something you’re proud of!

-Savannah, Owner of Daisy Sticker Co. & Website Designer at Mariposa


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