Mariposa Marketing Solutions LLC , 2019

About Me

I'm a homegrown native New Mexican, a UNM grad, and someone who deeply cares about the state of business at a local level. I enjoy runs by the bosque and if you ask me the infamous question of red or green, my answer is "Christmas."

Now down to business.


I have a passion for helping local companies and organizations find their identity as a business. It's a blessing to combine my passion with my professional interest in all things digital. From social media to digital advertising, my knowledge is ever-increasing and I'm thrilled to share the future of digital marketing with the local business community of New Mexico. After years of selling broadcast media and getting my MBA, I've decided to forge my own path and focus on the small business community in our city. Where others may see challenge, I see opportunity.


I envision a fruitful local economy where companies, large and small, flourish. I've made it my professional mission to help local businesses thrive, not just survive. When our local businesses thrive, families do too. When families thrive, our communities are stronger. I'd love nothing more than to see New Mexico excel socially and economically. I know we have it in us. 


I believe that New Mexico is one of the greatest places to live on planet earth. So much of what what makes it great begins with our business owners and people just like you. 


I look forward to being a part of your transformation. 

Con Amor,

Laurene Rodriguez, EMBA

Owner and Small Business Advocate