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We're the life of the party!

Here at Mariposa, we have some of the coolest party tricks in town. Seriously, we know how to rock it like no other. We decided to share our go-to party tricks with ya!

What might Miguel's go to party trick be? Well, I'm glad you asked... Miguel can shotgun a beer faster than anyone he's ever met. Seriously, his skills are unmatched. It's gotten to the point where people don't even try to compete anymore because they know they're setting themselves up for shear embarrassment.

Speaking of Miguel, I know you're dying to know what Laurene's go-to party trick is. Well have you ever seen those rap battles? Where two people have a rap showdown and only one winner is left? Yeah, that's Laurene - but with a twist. Laurene has won every *pun* battle she's ever been in. Like seriously... don't even try to compete against her. It's so easy for her, she can do it in her sleep. She's the definition of pun master. If you're a pun prodigy, take it from me, don't even try to compete with her.

If you haven't heard enough, and want to continue being utterly impressed, let's talk about Emily. Emily is multi-talented (if you've worked with us, you already know that). Her party trick is the coolest thing ever. If you know her, you know she is an avid rock climber. She makes it look easy. Which if you've ever even looked into rock climbing, you know it's not. Anyway, Emily's cool party trick is that she can indoor rock climb wherever she is. Yep, you heard that right. Get her some chalk and she's off. It's pretty crazy.

As if our team couldn't get any cooler, Jose's party trick is that he can bark like a dog. Seriously, he makes the most realistic bark and it could fool anyone into believing there is a dog there! Honestly this talent even has a great safety side to it. Imagine if you're home alone and hear something outside, wouldn't you wish you could bark as realistic as a dog??

As for Roxana, not only is she bilingual (which in my book is a pretty great party trick, people are always amazed by it) but she can also say her alphabet backwards - in English or Spanish - while upside down! Crazy right! I know a lot of people who can't do either the correct way let alone backwards! The upside down part is just the added boost to show how talented she is.

As for me, when I was trying to think of what party trick would stack up with everyone else, I knew I didn't stand a chance. My beer shot gunning abilities are dismal, I couldn't make a pun if my life depended on it, rock climbing would probably kill me, when I bark I sound like a parrot trying to imitate a dog, and even thinking of saying the alphabet backwards gave me a headache. But just wait, although not nearly as impressive, I do carry my own snazzy party trick in my back pocket. My go-to party trick is that I am able to place both my hands on a flat surface and rotate them 360 degrees. Yep. Picture that. There's definitely something in there that is double jointed and making it possible. I've got #noclue how I learned or why I ever decided to try it but hey, I'll take it.

There ya have it! The Mariposa crew and their amazing abilities! What's your go-to party trick? Tell us in the comments!


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