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meet our people

In honor of National Get to Know Your Customers Day, we wanted you to get to know our people. We love them so much and we think you will too.

1. Mac’s- For over 70 years, Mac’s Steak in the Rough has been a New Mexican Tradition. They specialize in juicy steak fingers, crispy fries, and of course their Signature Taquitas. And no, that is not a mistake, they don’t have Taquitos, they have Taquitas. Alibi Magazine even voted them Best Taquitas in Albuquerque.

2. Lee-Sure Pools- If you need any commercial or residential custom pool services, Lee-Sure Pools is the place to go. Whether you are looking to install a pool, or remodel an already existing one, or even need a deck refinished, they've got you covered.

3. Duke City Redi Mix – Duke City Redi Mix is Albuquerque’s premier ready mix concrete + aggregate company. They offer many different types of concrete, decorative gravel and construction aggregate like sand, base course and plant mix.

4. Elias Law – Elias Law specializes in personal injury cases of all sorts. They help you get back on your feet after any accidents. Whether you were in a car accident, you had a fall, you got bitten by a dog that’s not yours, you were a victim of medical malpractice, or more, Elias Law can help you.

5. Damage Control Mouth Guards -Damage Control Mouth Guards offer high end mouth guards for exercise and sport that are specifically designed to absorb impact based on your sport, activity level and build. With so many design options, these are mouth guards you’ll be proud to show off.

6. El Jerky Loco – El Jerky Loco has some of the best jerky. The jerky isn’t chewy, squishy, or thick. It is light, thin and crispy.

7. El Paisano – El Paisano is home to El Jerky Loco and is a neighborhood Latin market in Rio Rancho. Whether you are looking for tortillas for abuela or Takis for the kids, El Paisano has it all.


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