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Fun in the sun

Your personal guide to all things family fun this summer!

Okay so summer. No school means a need for some fun activities, right?! Well don't fret, we've got your complete guide to some fun in the sun (or fun indoors if that's your jam!).

Mariposa's 2021 Guide to Summer Fun

This place is sure to be a hit for some indoor fun! Jungle Jam is perfect spot for your younger kids (between 1-5 years old) to safely play! Although kids up to preteen will also enjoy it! They give an affordable option to people who want to get their kids out of the house for a couple hours and do something fun!

This place is all your summer needs and more! It is the perfect summer activity for every member of your family. It boasts loads of interactive activities that will occupy your whole day! Your kids will have a blast here and so will you!

Who doesn't love this place?! With over 250 interactive exhibits and activities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, it's a perfect spot for the whole family! One of the best parts? It's an all day kind of fun place.

This is the answer to all your summer quarries! Taking the fam to see a baseball game will create lasting memories, a boatload of fun, and won't cost a fortune! Seriously, though, Isotopes games are so much fun, especially on nights when they do fireworks! It's definitely a must this summer.

Ok, so this definitely isn't for everyone. But we all know the one kid obsessed with all things snakes and all that jazz. Why not take them somewhere where they can learn a whole lot, and see all different snakes! Definitely worth a visit.

There ya have it! 5 great things to go do this summer that your children are bound to love! Have you tried any of these yet? Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you loved most!


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