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Dessert: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Who has the best dessert in all of burque?

Me and dessert, boy do we have a great relationship. The only reason I eat a “proper” meal is so that I can chow down on dessert. I am a STRONG believer that any day without dessert is a day lost. I feel so strongly about it, sometimes I even start my days with dessert! Impressive, right? But in all honesty, there are few things better than supporting a local spot that has great dessert. So, being the dessert connoisseur I am, I’ve put together the top 3 best dessert spots in Albuquerque.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

This fun spot puts a twist on your average dessert. They are famous for their traditional Japanese dessert and house-made ice cream! If you go, don’t forget to try a Japanese pancake sandwich. This is a great spot for a family dessert. It will be sure to leave you feeling happy & full!

Photo courtesy of Yelp

This hidden gem is the perfect spot for those of you who like something new every time or like to have customizable options! They definitely have something for everyone! You start by choosing a size, then an ice cream flavor, and then your toppings. Trust me, even the pickiest member of your family can find something here!

Photo courtesy of me going there 24/7

Comin in hot at #1 is my personal favorite place, the Paleta Bar! You Guys. I am OBSESSED with this spot. Like to the point where the employees recognize me. I cannot recommend this place enough! If you’ve never been, it’s a must. The employees are so kind, and the paletas are unmatched. Do yourself a favor and stop by! We are so happy to be awarding them with the 2021 Mariposa’s Choice: Best Dessert.

There you have it! Top 3 dessert spots in Abq. Have you ever been? Which are your favorite?

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