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2020: the year of doing hard things

If you're anything like me, you're probably eager to get 2020 over with. You're probably wanting to bid farewell to the year of doing hard things with a good ol' "bye feliciaaaa". I think we all have this idea that once the clock hits midnight on Jan 1, 2021 the pain, tears, and discomfort of 2020 will magically fade away. In a perfect world, this is how it would all play out.

Imagine - The perfect story line. 2020 begins. All are thriving. This will be my year they said. Cue the pandemic. The world shuts down. Toilet paper vanishes. People start panicking. Life changes forever. Things stabilize. Life goes back to normal a little bit. Things look bright. We're gonna be okay. Cue second wave. Cue discomfort and fear on an elevated level. Cue questions and uncertainty. New year arrives. All is reset back to normal. It was all a bad dream. Yay. Let's get back to it. Except that we won't.

I'm not here to discourage anyone. I promise. I'm simply here to shed a little light on the year of doing hard things and possibly reset the posture of our hearts entering 2021, WHATEVER may come. Although I wish that a new year meant brand new circumstances, it doesn't always mean that. But one thing it can mean perspective.

If I had to reflect on 2020, some really good things happened. I became a bed-maker. It was my 2020 New Year's resolution and I'm so proud to report that it's the first resolution I ever kept. I feel so accomplished. Can someone please send me a medal or certificate or something? Lol. Also in 2020, I learned to garden. Kinda. I had never kept a plant alive in my 32 years of life and this year I successfully planted and cared for a thriving garden. Go me! In late 2020, my husband joined our company which has been such a blessing. We've ironed out so many difficult topics about running a business together. We also found out about our newest addition who will be joining us in 2021. What a widdo baby blessing. This year, a lot of our company weaknesses surfaced. We're facing them now, fighting every day to be better for our people. Coronavirus showed my family the beauty in slowing down. It allowed my husband and I to reset the tone of our home because we spent so much time here. It forced us to think outside of our circle and who we could impact around us. Lots of the good came from hard things in 2020. Today, I'm grateful for the hard things.

One of my cheesy mom-isms is making my kids say out loud, "I can do hard things" when they are frustrated or ready to give up. It might be while completing a worksheet of addition problems for my daughter, or while my son is trying to zip his jacket. Lol seriously probably annoys the living lights out of them. I realize now I am "that" annoying mom.

What's even more funny is that I see, more than ever, that the same message applies to me. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. Sometimes life is un-comfy and sometimes it hurts to take on difficulty, but so much good comes from it. Weaknesses surface when you do hard things and as you keep doing them, you become stronger. I know it sounds cliché guys, but it's so true. You realize things about yourself and your situation that can only be exposed when there's enough pressure.

So here's what I've learned. Embrace difficulty. Give discomfort a big ol' hug. Welcome it. Get used to it. Make a space for it right next to you daily. There's danger in the pursuit of ease and complacency. It's okay if things don't feel good. It grows you, or at least that's how I grow.

In casting vision for 2021, here's what I hope for:

I want to start playing chess with a goal of one day becoming a master chess player. Any takers? I want to learn how to make tortillas with my great grandma's recipe if I can. I want to pour into people like never before, putting their needs before my own. I want to give generously and show love in every direction. I want to be a seeping vessel of positivity, vibrance, and light. I want to take time off in May to bring new life into the world and tenderly love the lives I'm already responsible for. From clients to employees, I want to serve people well and give my best.

Here's the thing you guys. No matter the circumstances that 2021 brings, I can still do all the above. I can still choose to bring these hopes to life. It's a decision that I get to make daily and it's one that I hope you get to make for your year, too.

Friend, what do you hope for in 2021? What are your non-negotiables? Where will you never waver? Write it down. Commit to it. And when the going gets tough, choose joy. Choose gratitude.

Tell us how we can help. We'd love to pray for you or lend a listening ear. If you need help with your business, of course, we can help with that too.

We couldn't close our year without thanking the incredible community around us who carried us through 2020. Thank you for encouraging us; for pushing us to new levels. Whether you worked directly with us or even just liked one of our posts, your support means the whole wide world. We're blessed to be here, and we thank you.

Wishing our city (and beyond) the most wonderful 2021. Remember guys, you can do hard things.

Sending you alllll the love,



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