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Our Favorite Hiking Trails!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Our Mariposa team loves to hike and spend time outside in our free time! We decided to share our fav hiking trails.

Emily's Favorite Hiking Trail: Las Conchas

Emily is our team's most avid hiker, so we know her trail pick is going to be a good one. Her favorite, Las Conchas, is BEAUTIFUL! notes that this trail is picturesque, and welcomes leashed dogs #bonus. A trail as beautiful as this is one you've gotta take the whole fam on!

Roxana's Favorite Hiking Trail: Trampas Lake Trail

Roxana knows how to pick a good trail! Trampas Lake Trail is no small feat. But the pain is worth the beauty of the trail! notes this trail is a *hard* 12.5 mile trail. You've gotta be dedicated for this one, many will do this as a nice 2 day trip, camping out before then come back down. Would you want to try this one?

Jose's Favorite Hiking Trail: Domingo Baca Trail

You might be seeing a trend with these trails, they are #noteasy! Jose's trail is noted as a *hard* 8 mile trail. Perfect for a nice Saturday hike, and you'll feel great after it! Since it can be a hot trail it's best to do this one from June- October, perfect time to go hike it!

Miguel & Laurene's Favorite Trail: Sun Mountain Trail

This beautiful trail is definitely a Santa Fe fave. It's noted as a moderate 1.6 mile trail and is a great way to spend some time with your fam, spending time outside, and taking in the beauty of nature.

As for me, my favorite trail is: La Luz Trail

Although this trail might seem daunting, it is definitely one you can work in stages! I typically only hike between 6-8 of the 13 miles. I'd recommend doing this trail in September/October because it can get hot since there is little shade! This trail is a great place to get a workout in while enjoying nature.

There ya have it! Our favorite trails! They range in difficulty and length but I guarantee each is beautiful and worth the hike! Which one will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments!


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