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Get In Where You Fit In

September 24, 2018

It's been quite a while since my last blog post. I suppose living the life of a mom/small business owner will do that. In latest news, I've become an expert at juggling...juggling life that is. Ba-dum-chh. Mediocre joke alert. 


My time of having somewhat of a digital "hiatus" has served me and my clients well. I've used this time to pour into their businesses like never before. I've realized that it's okay for my business to take the back burner if it means their businesses are elevated in the process. In this time of focusing solely on my clients, there's a few other nuggets of wisdom that have surfaced that I'd like to share. 



1) Comparing is a distraction. 


As a small business owner in a city of many small businesses, it can become difficult to set yourself apart. I'm not the first and certainly not the last to own and manage a digital media company, and the same goes for just about any business out there. 


We live and operate in a free, open, and competitive market. Because of this, it can be easy to compare or look in on what others are doing. It's good to be informed of what's happening in the local market, however, there's a fine line where informed can become distracted. This is dangerous. 


Think about it like this. The time we spend looking at what others are doing, means less time improving our own practices. Short term curiosity will be fulfilled, but not without long term consequences. Stay in your lane because it was tailor MADE just for you.




2) Find out what you do best. 


Then, make that your mission EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. Embrace it as the sole reason your business exists. Hold tight to it. Guard it and treat it like gold. Here's why. 


As business owners, it can be easy to ride the wave of feelings. When business is good,  things are good. When numbers are down, we physically feel it. Many of us are committed to our performance instead of our purpose, but here's what I've found. 


When you commit to the purpose, IT DOESN'T MATTER what the numbers look like. The purpose will hold a much greater significance than any spreadsheet. If your business' purpose is to improve the quality of your customer's day by joyfully serving the best quality cup of fair trade coffee with a smile, then it makes no difference if it's for 1 customer or 100 customers. Also, coffee sounds good right about now. 




3) Get in where you fit in. 


Yes, learn to fit in, but not in a way that allows your business to fade to the background, but in a way that allows you to stand out more than ever. 


Take your purpose and OWN IT. Make it a part of your marketing. Use it as your "why" and share that with the world. Thankfully, this thing called social media exists and allows us to tell OUR story, not someone else's. 


That's the great thing about our own stories and testimonies; nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can take those away from us. 



All in all. It's a battle out there no matter which way you slice it. There's no need to create imaginary insecurities when your purpose awaits your undivided attention. So, commit to your purpose. There's great reward on the other side.


Owning a business is hard, but owning our purpose is a privilege. Fight on small business owners and get in where you fit in.  


Con Amor, 



Need help finding out your company's purpose and identity? We can help with that through our business development services. Call for a free strategy session! (505) 930-1625





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