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Extra Shot - Extra Hot - Extra Whip. Know Your Customers.

January 15, 2018

There's thousands of ways to order a coffee these days. I mean, it's practically a science when you think of everything that goes into your perfect caffeinated deliciously constructed beverage of choice. I'm a grande skinny vanilla kind of girl, but to each his own. If you're a venti vanilla soy chai fellow, I ain't mad at ya.


I imagine my favorite coffee shop. The relaxed environment. The fact that they always have my favorite Nora Jones song playing. I imagine their darling little patio where I could sit for hours if life permitted. I now imagine the following scenario. What if, I mean really, what if they took the time to memorize my drink order. What if they made it with LOVE?


Don't you just love it when someone seeks to get to know you? When someone is interested enough in your life to ask questions and truly want to know the answers. Although conversations of this level of intimacy are hard to find these days, they're not extinct. It just takes more time, effort, and energy to interact on this level and it is no different in business. As customer service providers, we are called to interact on this level every. single. day. If you think you don't have to, trust me when I say that your competitor is. 


It's getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. So how can we become a flamingo in a group of pigeons? We can care about our customers. We can actually KNOW our customers. Knowing our customers allows us to create repeat customers. Extremely happy repeat customers become advocates. The goal is to have advocates. Lots of 'em. There's no better form of marketing than to have walking, talking interactive human commercials going all around the city telling people how much they love working with you, your product, and your service. These people are GOLD. 




You know what else this does? It allows you to identify your future customers and narrow down your target market. Once you get to know your clients or customers, you can potentially guess what the next few will be like. Let's say you sell extreme sports gear. Your last few customers have been between the ages of 25-44. They lead healthy lifestyles and have an interest in all things outdoors. They have a very healthy work life balance and experiencing new things stands at the top of the priority list. They eat organic and are willing to spend money on gear that supports their love for adventure. They are tech-savvy, family oriented, and lead very social lives. 


Depending on your industry, you can make the educated guess that your next customer will follow the same profile. Get to know that next customer before they even step a foot in the door. Study them. Learn them. Heck, even name this imaginary customer. In fact, let's name him Hunter. Yeah, Hunter. That sounds adventurous. 



Long story short: know your current clients so you can anticipate the needs of your future clients. They will thank you for it and chances'll probably make some friends in the process. 


Thanks for reading! 





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