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What to Do About Boring Industries

September 19, 2017

Let's be honest. Some industries are just shinier than others. While some industries are the perfect fit when it comes to social media, others are a bit.. well.. lackluster.  


It can be difficult for a business owner to find a way to make their company interesting. On the surface, some trades are only interesting to the tradesman. Not every person is interested in underwater basket weaving. However, I'm convinced that if we dig a little deeper we can find gold under all those layers of blah. 




It's important for local companies to identify their true target market. In other words, who are the people who could/would purchase your product/service? Let's say that group of people is very small and specific.  If you find yourself backed into a corner, here's a couple of questions to ask and ways to break down the barriers to connection.


What are other ways your company can identify with the general public? For example, if your company just gathered supplies to send as relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey, you can mention that. I'm not saying to brag to the point of turning your consumer off, but connecting with your audience on a human level can make all the difference. 


Is your product/service one of every day relevance? It's possible that people's lives are positively affected by your product and they don't even know it! Let's say your company manufactures computer chips and I happen to own a computer. BAM! There's the link. Maybe you inform me new technologies to enter the market or new products that will soon hit the shelves that house your computer chips. Whatever it takes, find a way to connect the dots and convince me that I need to know more about computer chips. 


Is there any interesting industry news to share with audience?

Maybe you are a farmer and the price on eggs just shot up substantially due to an outbreak of sicky-chicken-itis. Anyone who eats eggs would care to know that they're going for $8.99 a dozen. 





Does your company participate in local events? Albuquerque is chalk full of local opportunities to get involved in the community. If your company takes part in any way, promote it and capitalize on the opportunity to connect with your local audience. 


It's not easy to make boring industries seem not so boring when it comes to social media. However, it's not impossible. With a little time, effort, and digital elbow grease, the job can be done. The question Mr./Mrs./Ms. Business Owner is, do you have the time to do it? 


If not, that's okay. There's a local company who'd love to do it for you. At Mariposa, we love a good challenge. So, give us the most boring industry known to man kind and watch us transform it into something beautiful. 







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