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615.576 to 1028.615.822 (2^48 - 2^40) IPv4 Address Combinations where 2^48 is the maximum number of Internet addresses and 2^40 is the address space of IPv4 addresses. That would imply that key sizes for the 65536 possible key pairs are around 2^48 / 2^40 = 1028.615.576. Additionally, keys are now encoded/decoded using the new libsodium library which is based on the NaCl crypto library (CRYPTO_PUBLICKEYBYTES). The NaCl library is a highly optimized fast public key crypto library. We have a few different code implementations and are using the new libsodium API. The code is in C, but you can run the generated code through assembler just like you would with an C compiler. We have additional information on this topic, including full details on how to obtain keys, in our blog post about Cloud Wallet and Toshi Key Generation. In a nutshell, creating a key pair for a wallet requires the combination of: wallet address pwallet Public Key (p) from /r/GlobalCrypto. For now we will simply generate this key and save it to a file. wallet address qwallet Private Key (q) generated in the same script as pwallet. Obtaining the keys: The easiest way to get these keys is to open the Toshi app and select "Generate New Toshi Address". After you enter your wallet address, a screen like this will be shown: This shows the wallet address for the new wallet you just created. The private key is not shown but is right under the address. In order to generate the keys on the Nano S, follow the steps below: Open the Toshi app. Select "Generate New Toshi Address". Enter your desired address. Press the button shown in the screenshot. Confirm that your address has been generated and that the keys are saved to the device. In our next post, we will describe how to use these keys and go over the installation of the required libraries. If you haven't already, start by signing up for your first Toshi and create a new wallet.Q: Get specific line of text from a string I'm stuck in this one, as I have tried all the possible functions to find the specific line of text in a string, but nothing seems to work.




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