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gift ideas they'll actually want this valentine's day

PSA: Not everyone wants chocolate and roses on Valentine’s Day. And that’s okay, because we have some gift ideas that they’ll ACTUALLY want. Whether you are looking for ideas for your significant other, for your family, for your friends, or even yourself, we’ve gotchu covered!

Does your partner eat, sleep and breathe off-roading? Well ABQ Metal Works might be just the place to check out. They can create custom 4x4 accessories like bumpers, winch mounts and more. BUT they also create so much more than 4x4 accessories. They’re really a jack of all trades fabrication company. Whether you’re looking for a personalized wall sign, a new fireplace cover, or pretty much anything else made from metal, then they’re who you need to see.

Looking for a gift that’s really something both you and your significant other can enjoy? Or even the whole family? Look no further than Empire Board Games. They have the cutest place in Nob Hill where you can stop by and try out some board games, but the best part is that they actually sell these games so you can buy one and play at home! And no, you don’t need to go in to purchase them. They have a huge assortment on their website of games that you definitely cannot find in big box stores. You can even filter your results on their site so if you need a game for a specific number of players, they’ve got you covered. Trust me, these make for SUCH. GOOD. GIFTS.

Is your love a coffee aficionado, avid baker, a loving plant parent or anything in between? Then look no further than Hanselmann Pottery. They have a vast collection of handmade items that are just waiting to find a new home with someone who will appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into them. Hanselmann Pottery really has something for everyone.

On the hunt for vegan artesian soap for your partner? Well we have just the place for you. The southwest inspired soap from High Desert Saponification is vegan and ethically sourced. Your partner will be so over the moon to receive any of High Desert’s soaps or bath bombs from you this year. There are so many options for you to choose from that you’re sure to find something for even the pickiest giftee. With soap options ranging from lavender, to beer and even some CBD options, you have plenty to choose from. Not to mention all of these handmade soaps LOOK amazing.

For your leather-loving significant other, Grounded Seka is the way to go. With luxury handcrafted leather accessories and cool stuff made for the wild at heart, you will definitely be able to find something your loved one will enjoy. Leather fanny packs, leather yoga mat straps, and mesh trucker hats are just some of the amazingly unique items you can find here.

Need a unique gift for your horse-obsessed partner or looking for a good gift for your kiddos this Valentine’s Day? How about an experience they will never forget? Enchanted Equine Adventures offers therapeutic riding and equine assisted activities. Getting a gift certificate for a lesson here will definitely make for a memorable experience.

Does your significant other love accessorizing? Or just standing out in general? Then you might want to take a look at Danny Hart Design Studio. They have super unique and stunning wooden accessories. Whether you’re looking to buy your love some new earrings, a bolo tie, a wallet, or even just a new beanie, check out Danny Hart Design Studio. I’m not kidding when I say they’re wooden accessories either. They really have wooden wallets.

Are you in a relationship with a wine connoisseur? Or maybe you’re both proud to carry that title. Well, have I got a treat for you! Gelatina di Vino has the perfect addition to any wine lovers home—wine jelly. The jellies were created to be shared around the dinner table with family and friends, but no one will judge your partner if they keep them all to themselves…or if you do. They’re that good. So, if you do end up buying some jelly for your partner, you may want to consider buying an extra to keep just for yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Okay, so I don’t know about you, but I am such a fan of a good quality wallet. Or a good quality tote. And I know just the place to get them… Lord’s Leather. With handmade leather goods, you can give your significant other a gift they can use for years to come. Carrying leather totes, wallets, keychains, passport holders and MORE, Lord’s Leather is absolutely worth checking out to see if you find the perfect gift. Hint: you probably will.

Last—but definitely not least—I give you a gift that keeps on giving. A gift card to CeLuna SkinCare. Trust me, your love will be thanking you for quite some time once they experience any of the services at CeLuna SkinCare. They will love their skin so much and they’ll be able to relax while they get a service done. What more could anyone ask for?


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