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Unique Date Ideas

It is almost Valentine’s Day, friend! Not to put pressure on you or anything, but that means that it’s probably time to think about what you and your honey are going to do that day if you haven’t already. And that’s why we have a list of some pretty unique date ideas for you. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together or your 20th, these dates are guaranteed to be a good time!

Single? No worries! Gather some single friends and have an anti-valentine's day date at as friends! This is just a list of fun things. Because you know us, we love having fun at Mariposa.

I’m talking ax throwing, painting, good food and MORE kind of fun. We even have stuff you can do at home!

So if you need help planning a date for Valentine’s Day or if you just like to have fun, you have come to the right place!

Need a gift for the parent who is tired of cleaning up the mess their young artist has made (and one that the little artist will also enjoy)? What about just a unique date idea for that cute couple you need a gift for? Check out Chatter Paint. They are a DIY splatter paint studio and oh so much fun. If you’re looking for a unique experience to gift, where artists and non-artists alike can explore their creative side, grab a gift card from here.

2. ABQ Ax

Okay, hear me out... You, your date, axes and a wall with a target. Have I piqued your interest? Well at ABQ Ax, you can practice your ax throwing skills (because you never know when that will come in handy)!

A little sweet, a little sour, a little spicy? Umm... yes! Sign me up! At Crazy Bomb Cups, you can make the most customized concoction of your favorite sweet, spicy, and sour faves. Don't be basic with your V-day treats and spice it up a bit with CBC!

Picture this. Sitting in the toasty, comfort of your car with your favorite songs playing while you enjoy the most delectable New Mexican comfort food in town. Order some fresh made chicken tenders and dip them in spicy Green Chile Gravy. Share a Sweetheart Shake or Cherry Limeade. Local at it's best and a date that's even better.

5. At Home Dates

We get it. This year looks a little different for V-day, but let's resolve to make the most of it. How about ordering takeout from your favorite local spot? Or how about doing an art/house project with your loved one. Plant a plant. Paint. Make a scrapbook. Do something fun and creative within the four walls of your home.

6. Go Outside

Okay friends, we just checked the weather. If you're in ABQ, we're going to be in the 60s throughout the week. Make it a point to go outside. Take your sweetheart on a walk outside by the bosque or hit La Luz if you're feeling extra. Get some rays together and talk about something meaningful. No fluff.

Whatever you decide to do, friends, do it with love!

Happy V-day week!


Team Mariposa


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