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the best coffee shops in albuquerque, nm - part one

Girl smelling her morning cup of coffee

Happy International Coffee Day! This holiday is a very special one, because it’s really a day to celebrate what fuels us. So I wanted to take the time to showcase some of Albuquerque’s best local coffee shops. We’ve started to become a sort of hub for craft coffee so this is just part 1 of a series, friend. And lemme just say, I went to an expert to compile this list—our very own Emily. She spends a lot of time at coffee shops all around town so when I sat down to write this, I knew exactly who to go to for help.

So, friend, I give you…The Best Coffee Shops in Albuquerque - Part 1.

Friends enjoying coffee at local craft coffee shop

“A great place for motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only do they have amazing coffee, they are geared toward a unique motorcycle culture that has brought a community of riders together in a way I haven’t seen done before. Super awesome and incredibly unique. I've met so many people who now are wonderful friends here.” -Emily

Latte art at Albuquerque coffee shop

This is one of my fave coffee shops! They have 2 locations and spending time at either one is time well spent. The environment is super welcoming, and I love that they value education so much. They even have an education tab on their website with some coffee related tutorials. Their mission is simple: Love people. Use coffee. And they honor that every day.

Coffee beans, coffee grounds, and coffee

“My personal fave!! They have the best vanilla latte, the employees are so nice, and the environment is always perfect for getting some work done. It's just quiet and chill and I feel relaxed. I spend a loooot of time there lol.” -Emily

Coffee and plants on a table

This is one of the newer coffee shops in town, but you shouldn’t skip it. Before they opened, the owner would take trips to coffee shops in other towns for inspo and it really shows! They’re super community focused and always doing something cool. The latest thing they’ve done is gone mobile. Which, we at Mariposa, know a thing or two about.

Coffee being poured by barista

“I feel like this one is a hidden gem. It’s not the most talked about but I have spent some time studying and working here. They have some amazing baked goods too, so that's always a plus. Plus, the location is nice because it’s not so grouped with the rest. I can swing by even if I'm not Downtown or in Old Town.” -Emily

So, if you are a local or you’re visiting our wonderful city, just know there is most definitely a coffee shop for you. Multiple, actually. Like I said, craft coffee hub over here. And if you’ve never been to one of these places, I highly recommend you check them out. You won’t regret it!


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