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So, what is the most rewarding part of owning a small biz?

Owning a small biz is not east feat. But ask any small biz owner and they'll tell ya everything they love before they ever get to the down sides. As small biz owners, we know there are loads of rewards, and loads of struggles. But the question of the day is, what is the MOST rewarding part of owning a small biz? We asked local small biz owners and here's what they had to say!

Sage, owner of Maysing Finds Thrift shop says:

"I would have to say meeting new people! Not just the Albuquerque community but vintage and thrift, other small businesses. I have met people from around the world and that wouldn’t have been possible without Maysing Finds.

Another rewarding part is having people support and buy from my small biz and watch it grow has been so amazing! This is something I love to do, it’s my passion and seeing others really appreciate and like it as much as I do is just a feeling I’ll never get used to."

Annette, owner of Root and Feather says:

"The most rewarding thing is hearing the feedback from customers. For example one person wrote to us recently and said that she has a Root & Feather Bracelet and It’s the thing she wears when she needs to feel better. When she has a tough day ahead, It brings get joy because it just feels right. :)

It feels rewarding that something we make brings someone joy!"

Vivian, owner of Three Fluffy Tails says:

"For me specifically, it’s whenever I see a dog or cat wearing my products! That’s when it feels like the hard work has paid off. Whether that’s an Instagram photo or a photo shared in a review or even just seeing my products in stores in’s such an incredible feeling of 'hey, I made that!'"

Marie, owner of Marie Me Sewing says:

The most rewarding part is when people give you feedback on your products. People you don’t know but they love what you made for them. And then when they come back!

Tania, owner of Tania's Tasty Kitchen says:

I would say the ability to do something I enjoy so much with the ability to share my passion with my customers and community!

And our very own Laurene says:

I would have to say creating something that’s never been done before and all the excitement, faith and mystery that’s a part of it all!

There you have it! The most rewarding part of owning a small biz, as written by local small biz owners! What do you think about what they have to say? Would you ever want to own a small biz? Let us know in the comments!


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