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Meet Macy, the Mobile Marketing Mamacita

If you've known me for any reasonable amount of time. I'm such a fan of Fixer Upper and the story of Chip and Joanna Gaines. I love that two regular people had a vision for their hometown and through their vision, Magnolia, they have changed the trajectory of their city and beyond. It's a dream I have for my own home state and their story inspires me to the core. I love me some good ol' Chip n Jo. We're besties, they just don't know it yet. #creepy

So there I am...cruising Facebook marketplace shopping for our next big company move. We're going mobile and I need a camper trailer to make the vision come true. And then I see it...the cutest little cutie pie vintage camper known to man kind. She's a beaut and she's located in none other than Waco, TX. I reach out to the lady who is selling it because it's been posted for a while. I try not to get attached because FB marketplace can be a bit sketchy sometimes. A few days go by and I hear back from her. It indeed is available and we decided that it would be ours.

So over Labor Day weekend, we trekked to Texas to pick up the newest member of the team. I took my family because it was important for them to be there with me as we move into a new season for our business. We made a trip out of it even inviting my step-daughters mom, step-dad, and little brother (lol we are a very very blended family, like, Jerry Springer blended, and that is another story for another day.)

Nothing on the trip went as planned. My daughter barfed on the way. It rained a lot. We very sweatily powered through the unforgiving Texas heat, but it was beautiful, and wonderful. We met some really nice people picking up our new trailer and took time to pray over it, and over our new business venture, and for the season to come.

Everyone, meet Macy or if you are bilingual, La Macy. She's the cutest, chubbiest, spunkiest little round camper that will soon be our mobile marketing unit. We will ride around our city and park in the parking lots of local businesses to provide our services and to connect with our community.

We will soon be hosting a Facebook live show, using our platform to shine the light on businesses in our city, telling the inspiring stories of those who have built beautiful things. Macy will be the vehicle we use to "meet people where they are" in their marketing and in life.

Over time, we will be making changes and upgrades on our 1966 Kit Companion and we invite you to follow along as we make Macy sparkle. I've never renovated a trailer before, so this is something completely new for me. I've been praying for the opportunity to create something that hasn't been created before and although I don't know exactly what that looks like yet, I know it's gonna be cool. Real cool.

Come along friends as I will need your help to make design decisions and for feedback. Hop on board as we polish up Macy, the Mobile Marketing Mamacita.

Stay tuned,



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