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Fries, Fries, Fries!

Finally, an actual excuse to talk about my one true love, French fries. If you know me, you know the obsession is #real. Like going out in a snowstorm for em real. I have no shame about it. French fries are the first food on my deserted island, the first food I order, the only food I dream about. Can ya relate? So I decided to take on the daunting task of trying to find the best fries in Burque.

But guess what, I can't.

See my whole goal with this project was to find the best local fries, but the thought of leaving Freddy's fries off of my list was gut wrenching. The idea of McDonald's fries not even making top five? Enough to make me cry myself to sleep. Guys, I'm telling you, this was a hard one.

So I've come to the conclusion that I will instead name this blog French Fries I Love, Even if they are from franchised restaurants, but I'll also include local. But let's be real, I just sound crazy at this point. So how about I just name some spots to get some tasty fries?

In no particular order, here are my go to spots in #burque for some delicious fries!

Did one of your go to spots make the list? If not, where do you go to cure your fry cravings?!


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