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best new mexican stickers

Happy National Sticker Day! Here are just 3 of our favorite sticker makers in New Mexico. They are all based out of the Land of Enchantment and they each have their own flair when it comes to designing stickers. Their designs are all unique and represent our state so well. So join us in celebrating these businesses on their day by following them on social media or purchasing a sticker from them.

1. Daisy Sticker Co

If you are looking for custom stickers for your business or just for personal, this is the place to go! Daisy Sticker Co is hands down the best when it comes to ordering custom stickers, whether you want your logo printed, or just a sticker made of you and your bestie. She does more than just custom stickers though. She has some cute New Mexico themed stickers that she has designed in her etsy shop that you need to check out! Around the holidays, she even has holiday gift tags. Check out her etsy and follow her on social media to keep up with new designs as she adds them!

2. Shop Erah

If you are on the hunt for some super unique New Mexico themed stickers, look no further than Shop Erah! Shop Erah’s stickers really capture what it means to be New Mexican and any native can see that. With stickers showing our addiction to chile and highlighting our fascination with lowriders, Shop Erah is the place to go for some super creative NM stickers.

3. Rebel Girl Creative

With stickers made by a calligrapher, you know you can’t go wrong. Rebel Girl Creative’s stickers are all done so well and you definitely can’t go wrong with any that you purchase. From NM animals, to plants to hobbies and more, she really covers her bases with all the state themed stickers!


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