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Friends, Business Owners, and Entreprenuers,


The team at Mariposa Marketing would like to reach out a helping hand and let you know we are here to help at any capacity we can during these unexpected times. We are here to assist your business and your employees, and will spend this time focusing our attention on our clients and any needs you may have regarding current changes. If you need any assistance in addressing COVID-19, please don't hesitate to reach out!

what we do.

more like, what DON'T we do?

for the start up, entrepreneur, or small business on a budget. no contracts. no funny business. just solutions.

the marketing bar

the marketing co.

for the existing business ready for a full marketing strategy. we got your back.

for the local maker who needs a place to sell their product

the boutique

marketing that meets you where you are.

(where ever you are.)


hey, guys. i'm laurene.

nice to meetcha.


I'm the wife to the Hispanic Fabio. Mama to some stinkin' cute kids. Friend to all who will allow her to up her word count. Lover of small business. Owner of mariposa. On a mission to disrupt and change the marketing industry as we know it.

we're kind of like your marketing bestie and your business therapist. all at the same time.

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we believe that every business, large and small, should have access to high quality marketing.

that's why we're changing the game.


we just love our people.

we believe in a "says who" mentality and strive to challenge the status quo.


when someone says, "a small abq company can't disrupt industries and  create new ways of doing things around the globe."we simply chuckle and think, "says who?"

in our world, the presence of business does NOT mean the absence of FUN.


hey, let's be friends.

call or text us at 505-930-1625

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